EXCONT S.R.L. is a commercial company which offers consultancy and accountancy expertise, as it is registered at The Body of expert and licensed accountants of Romania with the number 1525/2003.

Whether you start a company, or you already have a full-grown company, our team formed of 25 specialists will help you with the best advice and services. Expert accountants, fiscal consultants, personelle inspectors, IT specialists are all at your service to make sure you enjoy the high quality services, fast and simple, so your only concern is to make your business as profitable as possible.

Until now, 130 firms have benefited from the correctness, seriousness and responsibility we prove by the services we offer, no matter of the specific and particular field of activity: en-gross and en-detail commerce, production, construction, transport, import-export, software services ,tourism, gambling, real estate development, security and protection, advertising products, fast food, etc

You can find us at any of our headquarters: Voluntari, 8 Gheorghe Dinica St, Ilfov for our clients form Ilfov County and other counties, and at 1 Mihai Bravu, ALMO 2 block, C entrance, 1st floor, flat 88, for our clients from Bucharest.

As flourishing businesses need high quality consultancy and accountancy, we offer our clients an entire range of financial-accountancy services which are based on seriousness and over 20 years of experience, since 1992.


Do you want to initiate a START UP? Congratulation! EXCONT is exactly the place where you will find help. Although starting a new business can be a long and difficult process with regard to preparing and submitting the necessary documentation, EXCONT will offer not only assistance for the establishing of the company, but also offers consultancy for the company's tax registration to the tax territory. Moreover, you will be sure that, from its beginning, your company’s accountancy is in good hands.


Finding a company which offers consultancy services and accountancy expertise in which you trust becomes a highly responsibility once with the increase of your fiscal value. EXCONT offers safety that all the financial situations will be properly prepared and at due time, the fiscal declarations will be done and sent to the competent authorities according to the ongoing laws and all the services will be performed professionally and seriously so that your experience to be enjoyable. If you are not satisfied with the ongoing services you are having, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experience gained since 1992 and our team formed only by specialists will gain your trust from the first discussion.


As every business is different and has different needs, our team formed by experts- accountant, economist, auditors, probationer auditors, fiscal consultants, personelle inspectors, IT specialists- can help your business to benefit special services: audit services, preparing documentation to obtain a bank loan, consultancy for company management, implementing management systems, authorized translations and others. So, any problem of consultancy and accountancy expertise finds its resolution only at EXCONT!


To meet the needs of various clients our company has developed a range of professional services:
  • Accounting Services
    • Accounting Services are provided on a monthly basis and consist of:
      • the elaboration of accounting notes for each type of operation;
      • recording capital transactions;
      • supervision and control of primary accounting records;
      • recording of expenses and revenues on the cost centers;
      • recording of expenditure statements.
    • Organization and management of the accounting records and books: a preparation and management of fixed assets (data base):
      • buy and sell ledger administration;
      • sales ledger administration;
      • preparation of tax register;
      • pregatirea registrului fiscal;
      • banking transaction registration;
      • recording of wages and taxes and contributions;
      • an elaboration of the registry log;
      • preparing the inventory register;
      • an elaboration of the accounting book;
      • preparation of analytical balances;
      • synthetic trial balance preparation.
    • Administration fees and taxes:
      • These services are provided on a monthly basis and will consist mainly in:
        • management of single control register;
        • preparation of tax register.
      • Preparing and transmitting to the competent authorities in accordance with tax legislation in force relating to declaration obligations:
        • the payment from the consolidated State budget be strengthened;
        • VAT statement;
        • income tax declaration;
        • special statements concerning social contributions.
  • Financial statements
    • service provider shall draw up annual financial statements consisting of the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and annexes in accordance with Romanian Accounting Standards;
    • the service provider shall draw up biannual financial reporting at 30 June in accordance with the legal provisions in force.
  • HR Services
    • Services Provider will consist mainly of:
      • provision of Advice regarding the requirements and procedure for the registration of labour contracts to the competent authorities;
      • representation of the company and employees in relations with authorities in connection with legal proceedings;
      • drawing up and updating the register of records of employees.
    • Labor contracts and salary rights:
      • preparation of dossiers for each employee for the purpose of granting personal deductions;
      • preparation of payrolls;
      • preparing the statutory reports, namely, flyers, payrolls summary of contributions and taxes due;
      • preparing and filing the tax declaration no. 205.
  • Administrative services
    • Services will be provided on monthly basis in respect of:
      • provision of the fiscal representative service;
      • training system online payments;
      • tax consultancy;
      • other services required by the company's management.
Str. Leonte Filipescu, Nr. 8, Voluntari, Ilfov

TEL // +40 21 270 31 97
MOBIL // +40 728 966 223
EMAIL // office@excont.ro
Sos. Mihai Bravu, Nr. 1, Bl. 2, Sc. C, Et. 1, Ap. 88, Sector 2, Bucuresti

TEL // +40 21 252 31 98
MOBIL // +40 728 966 225
EMAIL // office@excont.ro